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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Illinois' Junk Budget

By Douglas V. Gibbs
AuthorSpeakerInstructorRadio Host

There's nothing like reality to show how dangerous and damaging liberal left policies can truly be.

After a long history of liberal left control, Illinois' budget has sent the State into a position where their credit score is now headed for "junk" status.

That means the cost of borrowing is going to go even more sky-high than before, and digging out will only be accomplished by cutting spending, because taxpayers can't get them out of the hole.

Suddenly, panic has set in.  The Illinois State legislature is going into special session to figure out what to do, after years of no budget.  They face $130 billion in unfunded pension obligations and a backlog of unpaid bills worth $15 billion.

They are seeking “bold reforms,” such as a transition from pensions to 401(k) plans.  I am figuring austerity regarding "benefits" is on the horizon, as well.

A new sense of urgency even has Democrats willing to do things they wouldn't normally be willing to chase.

In fact, the impossible is about to happen.  The Democrats are considering a Republican plan for a budget.

That means going after tax cuts, term limits, and a cap of spending.

Oh, the horror.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

The Fate of Rosa Parks' House

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Monday, June 26, 2017

Democrat Leftists Demand Purity, Or Else Dismissal

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Conservatives constantly battle over small issues, and sometimes it creates in-fighting that tears up conservative organizations and efforts from within.  We, as conservatives, constantly say that we wish we could be more like the Democrats, because collectivism comes so naturally to them.  They automatically work together.  Since Republicans believe in individuality, working together can sometimes be a difficult task.

In truth, the liberal left suffers from internal strife, as well.  The difference between the left and the right is that the leftists simply don't tolerate deviation.  They demand purity, or else you don't get to play with them.

Last January, when the feminists decided to have an anti-Trump march in Washington D.C., all entrants were welcome, except one.  While they were feminists who hated Trump, a group was denied entry because they had a position on an issue that wan't with the program.  So, one women't group was kicked out for being pro-life.

Pro-life will not be tolerated by the liberal left, even if all other issues are pure leftist.

A more recent omission of a group for daring to not hold water for every single leftist issue happened when a gay rights parade made sure to kick out a group of homosexuals for daring to support Israel.

Pro-Israel will not be tolerated by the liberal left.

So, when conservatives think that the left is so good at collectivism, understand that their claim for tolerance and unity is a false one.  The Democrats work well together because they disallow anyone who is not a pure baby-killing, anti-Semitic, Marxist.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

GOP Health Care: What We May Achieve

By Douglas V. Gibbs
AuthorSpeakerInstructorRadio Host

The Republicans were once for full repeal of Obamacare.  Then, they got the power to do so, and they refuse to pull the trigger.

The first Obamacare repeal and replace bill from the House had too little support because it was too much like the Affordable Care Act law they claimed was the problem.  Now, the U.S. Senate is taking a stab at the problem with a bill called the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA). As with the House bill, it's not only not a full repeal of Obamacare, but it largely resembles something we would call "Obamacare-Lite".  That said, while it is not what we would constitutionally seek, which is full removal of federal influence on the health care industry, it is better than what the Democrats forced into place under Obama.

With the new Senate bill, States will have more latitude in opting out of federal health care regulations imposed by Obamacare, and give the States the option to pursue free-market opportunities.  The new waivers do not allow States to completely escape the iron fist of Obamacare, but the Republican bill does offer the States a little maneuvering room within the law, without actually repealing the law.

While the GOP Senate bill does not repeal Obamacare, it does repeal the taxes, making the program fund-hungry, which may put it into a position to be further monkeyed with in the near future as an excuse to "fix it" due to its shortcomings based on the lost revenue.  In other words, a strategic move that will enable more maneuvering at incremental moments.

Along with the suspension of taxation the Senate bill also suspends federal funding for Planned Parenthood.  Unfortunately, it is only slotted for a one year suspension.  A start, but unless within that year the funding for the abortion organization is permanently eliminated, it will start up again like an old jalopy hooked up to jumper cables.  This tells me that the manipulation by design by the Republicans at incremental moments will occur within a year, with the likelihood that the changes will extend the Planned Parenthood funding loss from Obamacare.

The bill, in short, is not a repeal of Obamacare, but it may be a baby step in the right direction, and a planned step of many steps to work towards dismantling the federal health care law.

It frustrates me that they don't just repeal the whole thing.  It's political theater, designed to make it look like they are doing all they can.  The reality is, they fear the Democrat backlash, and prefer being called mean with the changes to Obamacare, than whatever else the Democrats may have for them if they were to eliminate the unconstitutional intrusion of the federal government into the health care industry in the first place.  But, like I've said, already, it may be simply a bite... the first bite in eating the giant donkey carcass that some call Obamacare.

While the Republicans demonize the group of Republicans fighting for a more conservative bill, and a stronger move towards repeal, Ted Cruz and gang seems to be moving towards being willing to compromise.  Resolve is in play, and time is running out.

There are also those members of the GOP who stand in direct opposition to the Tea Party gang, and are fighting like Democrats have been to protect Obamacare.  Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, for example, are fighting to protect the funding for Planned Parenthood. Dean Heller of Nevada is fighting to keep Obamacare’s expansion of Medicaid.

Hopefully, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Ron Johnson can stand firm on their conservative principles, and if not bring about full repeal, at least improve the bill so that it grants more flexibility in coverage options, further reduce federal control and funding of Medicaid so that State safety net programs can become the programs of choice for those in need, and introduce other market mechanisms into the health insurance markets.

Full repeal may still be in the future, but it may not be with this bill.  Still, I welcome a step in the right direction.  A small step forward is still better than the full horror of the federal intrusion the Democrats launched with the Affordable Care Act.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Obama’s "Dark Government" Threatens The Constitutional Republic

By Capt Joseph R. John, June 26, 2017: Op Ed # 357

In the below listed E-mail Col James C. Harding, USAF (Ret), the most highly decorated US Air Force Fighter Pilot in history, with 90 medals including the following combat decorations, expresses his alarm at Obama’s plan is to take down the President of the United States by any means possible .

Air Force Cross
Silver Star with 2 oak leaf clusters
Legion of Merit with 1 oak leaf cluster
Distinguished Flying Cross with 8 oak leaf clusters
Bronze Star with combat V and 1 oak leaf cluster
Purple Heart with 3 oak leaf clusters
Meritorious Service Medal
Air Medal with 39 oak leaf clusters
Air Force Commendation Medal with 1 oak leaf cluster
Presidential Unit Citation with 4 oak leaf clusters
USAF Outstanding Unit Award with combat V and 4 oak leaf clusters

Col Harding concerns are that Obama formed the Organization For America (OFA)while he was still occupied the Oval Office, and staff it with 32,525 members, established 250 offices throughout the United States, and set aside a budget from his former campaign of $40 million, that budget is being increased by Obama’s current fundraising  drives. 

Obama has developed a shadow government with OFA that has been sabotaging, resisting, and is trying to tear down the Trump administration.  That is an attack on the peaceful transfer of power which, the Founding Fathers established the nation’s Constitutional Republic.  Obama announced 5 months after his replacement was inaugurated, that he will go on the road and actively campaign against President Donald Trump.  That has never been done by a former occupant of the Oval Office in 241 years.

President Donald J. Trump, has passed 32 pieces of legislation, and is trying to do to help America recover from 8 years of economic stagnation, the hollowing out of the US Armed Forces, the rampant violation of US Federal Immigration Laws, to reduce the flow of nearly 1 million Middle East and African Muslim Refugees without allowing the FBI to interrogate them to determine if they had terrorist ties, and to stop the released of Radical Islamic Terrorist from GITMO who are now attacking American Military personnel in combat.

For 11 months, American citizens have been watching, in real-time, an overt effort, by the corrupt left of center liberal media establishment, to try to poison the American people against President Trump, stir sedition, advocate an overthrow of The President of the United States, while joining with Obama’s OFA to disenfranchise over 60 million voters, in their support for the first “Treasonous  Coup d’ Estate” of the President of the United States in history.

Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Nazi collaborator George Soros, Tom Perez, Keith Ellison, Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and David Brock are the individuals leading the violent attempt to execute the first “Treasonous Coup d’ Estate” of the President of the United States, violating previsions of the US Constitution. 

They are responsible for, and initiating multiple unverifiable highly classified anonymous leaks, as if they were true, with absolutely no sources.  Those illegal leaks of highly classified information are in violation of US Federal Laws.  For 6 months, each week, the leaks are given to The Washington Post and The New York Times, in order to get that information distributed nationally by the rest of the corrupt left of center liberal media establishment.  l

OFA, under Obama’s direct leadership, is conducting radical & violent street demonstrators, and promoting deceit, demagoguery, and mass hysteria.  Under the umbrella of OFA, Obama has mobilized the Communists Party USA, the pro-Illegal Immigration La Raza Organization, CAIR, The Muslim Brotherhood and their Front Organizations, Progressives, NOW, Black Lives Matter, The Nation of Islam,  The New Black Panther Party, SEIU, The Weathermen Underground, and the new Socialist Democratic Party, to destabilize the Government of the United States and take down the President of the United State.  Nazi Corroborator George Soros is providing funding for those Obama led radical and leftist groups to fuel the “Treasonous Coup d’ Estate” .

For 11 months, there has been daily “slanderous” and unsubstantiated charges, by the corrupt left of center liberal media establishment’s “propaganda”, that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, yet nearly a year later, there is still not a single shred of concrete evidence proving there was ever collusion by the Trump campaign with Russia, in order to defeat Hillary Clinton for the presidency.  Hillary Clinton’s inept campaign defeated Hillary—the corrupt press still does not know what Hillary’s campaign slogan meant.
For 8 years the left of center liberal media establishment ignored Obama’s violations of US Federal Law and the below listed Scandals----for 11 months they continue to promote a non-existent “Phony Russian Scandal” to unseat President Trump---incidentally there were “no body bags” as a result of the “Phony Russian Scandal”---however Obama’s real scandals listed below resulted in “body bags” for thousands  of America Citizens.  Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnel continue to sit on their hands with regards to many of the below listed “Obama Scandals” and have  done  absolutely nothing about investigating the daily leaks of highly classified material, in violation of US Federal Law.   
  1. In the real “Russian Scandal” that the corrupt left of center liberal media establishment have been ignoring , Obama authorized Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to transfer 20% of the United States production of uranium to Russia.  The Clinton Foundation was paid $140 million, and Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 to make a short speech to the Russian Company, Rennance Capital,  Hillary’s Campaign Director, John Podesta, received 75 thousand shares of Stock in a Russian Front Company run by Putin, Podesta and his brother Tom were put on the Board of Directors of that Russian Front company, and tom Podesta received $24 million for lobbying for a Russian Bank.  Where are Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnell with regard to exposing the “Real Russian Scandal?”  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treats the scandal as though it never happened.
  2. In the “E-mail Scandal”,  Obama knowingly communicating highly classified intelligence via E-mails with Hillary Clinton using a covert E-mail address for 4 years, while Hillary was  using an unclassified server in her bathroom, to transmit classified message. Hillary destroyed over 30,000 E-mails in violation of Federal Law.  By her actions, Hillary compromised US agents imbedded in foreign governments ; her criminal actions most probably resulted in “body bags” for those courageous foreign assets.  After Comey found Hillary guilty on all counts of her gross violation of Espionage Laws and said he wouldn’t recommend charging her for thousands of violations of handling classified messages, where were Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnell on this?   The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated Hillary’s violation of Espionage Laws  as though they never happened.
  3. In the “Benghazi Scandal”, Obama, Hillary, and Susan Rice repeatedly lied to the nation and the UN that a well planned and coordinated attack by over 125 Radical Islamic Terrorists on the US Mission in Benghazi resulted from a peaceful demonstration against a U-Tube video that no one ever saw in Libya.  There were 4 more “body bags” as a result of Obama, Susan Rice, and Hillary’s “Dereliction  of Duty”.  Where are Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnel on this gross disregard for the life of government employees, and Obama, Hillary,  and Susan Rice criminal cover up?  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated the attack on the US Mission in Benghazi as a demonstration that went bad.   
  4. In “The Benghazi Scandal”, Obama refused to issue “Cross Border Authority” so a 130 USMC Fast Team in Sigonella Sicily (377 miles away), 2F-16Cs each armed with 500 20MM cannon rounds, on the Tarmac in Aviano, Italy (1044 miles away), a 130 man SPEC Ops CMDR In-Extremis Force (C-1/10) on the Tarmac in Croatia (904 miles away), and a 200 man Trans Sahara Joint Spec Ops Force in Burkina Faso West Africa (1692 miles away) could not go to the defense of the US Mission in Benghazi, there were more “body bags” because of Obama’s failure to support the US Mission and Navy SEALS.  Where are Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnel on the continued cover up by the Obama administration?  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with misleading reports, and reported the US Mission was out of reach of US Forces; an outright lie!!
  5. In “The Bergdahl Scandal”, Obama  released 5 Radical Islamic Terrorist Taliban Generals from Gitmo in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, “a deserter before the enemy” and sweetened the exchange by giving the Taliban a substantial ransom payment.  There were 6 more “ body bags”  for 6 US Army Soldiers who were killed searching for the deserter Bergdahl.  Where were Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnel, on investigating the ransom payment?  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated the scandal and ransom payment as though it never happened.
  6. In the “Obamacare Scandal”, Obama  intentionally misled Americans to get Congress to pass Obamacare with many bold & flagrant lies with not one Republican vote.  Americans were not able to keep their doctors, were not able to keep their health insurance policies, and insurance premiums did not go down as Obama promised, they more than doubled .  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and continues to treat the scandal as though it never happened.
  7. In the first arms scandal called,  “The Fast & Furious Scandal”, occurred when Obama had former Attorney General Eric Holder ship thousands of weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels.  The Mexican Drug Cartels used one of those weapons  to kill US Border Patrolman Brian Terry & hundreds of the other weapons were used to kill hundreds of Mexican citizens.  There was a need for hundreds of additional “body bags” as a result of Obama’s and Holder’s violations of Federal Law.  Where are Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnel, on bringing justice to the parents of US Border Patrolman Brian Terry?  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated the scandal as though it never happened.
  8. In the second arms scandal “The Benghazi Arms Scandal”, the US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, working with Arms Dealer Marc Turi, delivered thousands of weapons to Al Q’ieda & Radical Islamic Terrorists thru the US Mission in Benghazi.  Those weapons were initially shipped to Qatar, then from Qatar to Libya, then trans shipped to Syria via Turkish ports, and finally shipped to Al Q’ieda and Radical Islamic Terrorists in Syria.  The weapons were paid for by the Obama administration.  There were many more “body bags” of friendly allies who were killed with the weapons supplied to Al Q’ieda by the Obama administration.  Where are Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnel on investigating the second arms scandal?  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated the second gun running scandal acts as though it never happened. 
  9. In  “The Refugees Scandal” occurred over 8 years, when Obama brought in over 900,000 Muslim Middle East and African Refugees into the US, and re settled them in 187 cities without letting the FBI interrogate them to determine if they had terrorist ties.  They are provided with much more monthly financial support than a US Military Veterans who served 20 years of his life in the defense of the Republic.  The FBI now has over 2000 open terrorist cases, and according to Comey in his testimony to Congress, 1/3rd, or over 300 concern Obama’s Muslim Refugees , and100 closed terrorist cases have resulted in the conviction of 180 Radical Islamic Terrorists.  The FBI reported that they have 37 ISIS terrorist open cases in the US today.  The Obama administration and the corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treats those 2000 FBI open cases as though they are not related to the 900,000 Middle East & African Muslim Refugees Obama brought into the US.
  10. In “The Radical Islamic Terrorist Scandal”, there  has been over 76 Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks or terrorist incidents on US Soil during the 8 years of the Obama administration, that resulted in the death of thousands of American Citizens; those attacks and terrorist incidents were covered up by the left of center liberal medias establishment, there resulted in the need for thousands of “ body bags” for American citizens because of Obama’s refusal to let the FBI interview entering Muslim Refugees.  Since president Trumps inauguration there have 13 Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks of terrorist incidents on US soil.   Many “body bags” were required for Americans because of the 200 terrorist attacks or terrorist incident on US Soil since 9/11, listed in the attachment.   The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and covered up the magnitude of the those Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks or incidents. 
  11. In “The GITMO Scandal”, Obama released 197 of the most dangerous Radical Islamic Terrorists from Gitmo over an 8 year period, and US Intelligence Agencies reported that 1/3rd of Gitmo Detainees return to the battlefield, with the intent of trying to kill US Military personnel in Afghanistan and worldwide.  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout on the dangerous releases, and treats the scandal acts as though it is normal.
  12. The “ Middle East Christian Refugee Discrimination Scandal” occurred over an 8 year period,  Obama refused to allow 300,000 Middle East Christians, housed by the Greek Catholic Relief Agency seeking entry into the US, to enter, while during the same period, he authorized the immigration and resettlement of over 900,000  Middle East and African Muslim Refugees into the US . The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated the scandal as though it never happened.
  13. In “The Convicted Criminal Illegal Aliens Scandal”, instead of returning convicted criminal Illegal Aliens released from US prisons at the end of their sentences to their countries of origin, over an 8 year period, Obama released hundreds of thousands of those convicted criminal Illegal Aliens directly into the general population.   Obama refused to inform Local, County, and State Law Enforcement Agencies who they were, and where they were released, despite the repeated request by those Law Enforcement Agencies for that information.  Those Illegal Aliens convicts continued their crime sprees---there were many “body bags” for American citizens murdered by those Illegal Alien convicts.  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated this releases into the general population by Obama and Holder as though they never happened.
  14. In “The IRS Targeting Scandal” Obama’s appointees prevented conservative organizations from registering as tax exempt entities, prior to national elections, disenfranchising millions of Conservative Americans to organize, in order to support their candidates in the General Elections like, the IRS allowed Democratic tax exempt organizations to be formed.  Where have Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnel been on taking legal action against Lois Lerner and the Obama’s IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, who dodged impeachment,  for disenfranchising conservative groups , and preventing them from getting out the vote? The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated the scandal as though it was insignificant.    
  15. In “The CNN Scandal”, CNN newscasters gave Donna Brazile, Chairwoman of the DNC, access to CNN’s debate questions, so Donna Brazile could then give Hillary Clinton the questions to the pending debates with Bernie Sanders.  The DNC rigged the Democratic nomination for President, and cheated Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic Nomination for President.  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treated the scandal as though it never happened.
  16. “The Illegal Wire Tape Scandal”,  violated the US Constitutional right of all Americans to be free from illegal monitoring. Obama  illegally surveilled and wire tapped over 30,000+ Americans including President Donald Trump, the Trump Campaign, the Trump Transition Team, members of the US Supreme Court, members of Joint-Chiefs of Staff, Senators, Congressmen, and many others.  Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, violated Federal Law by unmasking LTG Flynn.  What are Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnel, doing about holding hearings to expose the leakers, and on insisting the FBI investigate and file criminal complaints against those responsible?  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treats the scandal as though the unmasking and intercepts never occurred. 
  17. In the “Loretta Lynch Scandal”, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch violated Federal Law and told FBI Director Comey to call the “FBI Investigation” of Hillary’s unauthorized transmission of thousands of classified E-mails on an unclassified server in her bathroom, that was hacked by 5 foreign intelligence agencies, a “matter.” Lynch had a meeting with Bill Clinton in her private plane on the tarmac in Phoenix, Arizona to discuss the “FBI Investigation” of Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized use of an unclassified E-mail server to transmit classified messages.  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treats the scandal acts as though it was not important.
  18. In “The Leak Scandal” for the last eleven months, in violation of Federal Espionage Laws, a steady stream of highly classified information has been leaked by Obama administration holdovers in intelligence agencies to the press for political purposes.  Comey confessed to releasing leaked information to The New York Times, about a privileged conversation he had with the President of the United States, by having a third-party deliver the leak to The New York Times.   The leaked information was printed on an FBI computer, and was drafted while he was Director of the FBI, on government time in connection with his job. Where are Speaker Ryan and Senator Majority Leader McConnel, on this issue, are they requesting the FBI to locate multiple leakers and file charges against those who violated the Espionage Act?  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treats the scandal acts as though it is okay.  
  19. In “The Second Real Russian Scandal”, covered up by the corrupt left of center liberal media establishment, is that over the last 8 years there has been a massive collusion by Obama with the Communist Party USA, and what he did to the once Patriotic Democratic Party of Presidents Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson that he radicalized.   The irony is that for the last 100 years the left in the United States has colluded with Communists Russia, but it took Obama to completely co-op the Democratic Party and push it radically left while he aggressively colluded with Russia.  In 2013, Obama appointed a CIA Director, John O. Brennan, who had voted in 1976 for the Communist  Party USA candidate for President, Gus Hall.  Obama who is a Marxist Saul Alinsky disciple, surrounded himself with Communists & extreme leftists, including Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers, Van Jones, David Axelrod, Tom Perez, Keith Ellison, Paul Krugman, George Soros, Al Sharpton, David Brock, and Eric Holder (whose stated goal when he was Attorney General was to destroy the US Constitution).  Today, thanks to Obama,  there is very little difference between the Communist Party USA, and the new Marxist Democratic Party.  We encourage you to compare both Web sites—there is really very little difference.  The Communist Party USA instructs its members to only vote for Democrats running for elective office; the Communists Party USA enthusiastically endorsed John Kerry, Obama, and Hillary for President.  Obama engineered the election of two Communists to lead the new Marxist Democratic Party, listed below.  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and treats the “Second Real Russian Scandal” as though it never happened.
  20. The Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party, Keith Ellison, is a pro-Radical Islamic Terrorist supporter who opposes the US Constitution and supports Sharia Law to govern the Republic; he took his oath of office on the Quran.   He is very close to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood paid for his pilgrimage to Mecca in 2008.  Ellison declared himself a supporter, ally, and defender of Communist Terrorists, by organizing a fundraisings event for Communist Terrorist, Sara Jane Olson, a member of the Communist Movement Symbiotic Liberation Army.  Ellison defended Joanne Chesimard, also known as Assata Shakur, who is wanted by the FBI for murdering a police officer; and is currently opposing her extradition from her safe haven in Communist Cuba.  Ellison is very close to the Communist Party USA – he even held a fundraiser in the home of the Minnesota Communist Party Chairman, Erwin Marquit, and has even written for the Communist Party Web site.The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and covered up this damaging information that ties him to Communists and the Muslim Brotherhood.    
  21. The Radical Chairman of the new Marxist Democratic Party, Marxist Tom Perez, who was Obama’s extreme leftist Secretary of Labor.  Tom Perez was a longtime leader of CASA de Maryland, a militant left “Illegal Aliens” rights group. When Perez was the leader of CASA, Hugo Chavez, the Communist President of Venezuela was sending Perez one million dollars per year from his oil revenue, instructing Perez to use those funds to keep the US Southern border wide open.  Perez has a long history of anti-white views, including a declaration that white people should not be entitled to protection under the Voting Rights Act.   Perez previously served as the Assistant Attorney General under Attorney General, Eric Holder, and supported Holder’s repeated violation of the US Constitution, his instigation of the “Fast and Furious Scandal”,  and supported Holder’s prevention of the investigation of the rampant voter fraud by ACORN during the 2008 national election, where 5.7 million Illegal votes were cast in which Obama was elected.  Holder’s actions in the  “Fast and Furious Scandal” led Congress to vote Holder to be the first US Attorney General in 240 years to be held “In Contempt of Congress”.  Ambassador Valladares, the former US Ambassador to the United Nations for Human Rights, stated Perez is a racist who hates the Bible, and is anti-Semitic.  He said Perez’s goals are to destroy the free market economy of America, to destroy the Christian Society of the United States, and to turn the United States into a Marxist nation.  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and covers up of this damaging information.    

  1. Ellison and Perez plan is to complete the Marxist “infection” of all US university campuses which is endangering America’s very existence as a free Republic.  Obama, Ellison, and Perez, are using Russia as a threat, in order to prevent President Trump from overturning the Socialist policies of the Obama administration, and returning the US to capitalism and freedom.  Ambassador Valladares further stated about Perez and Ellison, that: “The two new leaders of the Democratic National Committee are both racist, anti-Semitic, who ignore the US Constitution, and the history of America.  Both of them have been and are allies of terrorist movements; they have shared the hatred for the United States, and its laws.  They complement each other in their hatred of the Bible, they wish to sweep away this American society, with ideological mobs, terrorists, Communists, Radical Muslims, and the scum of the country whose goal it is to destroy it (the Republic).  They joined the ranks of the Democratic Party, and with the complicit silence of the (former) leaders of the it (the Democratic Party), they took possession of it (the Democratic Party) and turned it into and political party that supports the Communist Party USA.”(April 25, 2017 by Frank de Varona - Bear Witness Central)  The corrupt press stone-walled the American people with a media blackout, and covers up of he damaging information the the two leaders of the Democrat Party are Communists and terrorist sympathizers.    

The extreme radical left, Pro-Muslim Brotherhood, new Marxist Democratic Party “no longer support” the US Constitution and really isn’t any difference from the Communist Party USA, it does not support Freedom of Speech at rallies/on campus/in classrooms/on Network News, opposes voter registration for “only” American citizens with massive programs to register Illegal Aliens & Muslim Refugees (a report just came out from a New Jersey Research Organization, Just Facts, that said 5.7 million non US Citizens illegally voted in the 2008 national election), and the Democrats oppose closing the wide open southern border to prevent terrorist, drug dealers, white female slave trafficers , and Illegal Aliens from entering.

The left of center liberal media establishment has done an excellent job of concealing just how radicalized & anti US Constitution the radical left, Pro-Muslim Brotherhood, new Marxist Democratic Party has become over the last 8 years.   The Founding Fathers, President Truman, President Kennedy, and President Johnson would be turning over in their graves if they knew what happened to their proud Patriotic Democratic Party!!!  The interesting thing to consider is that Russia is no longer Communist, because Communism/Socialism didn’t work in Russia, in China, Eastern Europe, in Cuba , in oil-rich Venezuela, or anywhere in the last 100 years---it breaks down because it violates the laws of economy and basic human freedoms.    

American’s ideals established by the Founding Fathers, are rooted in liberty, a strong work ethic, a citizenry governed by the US Constitution, with limited government, based on Judeo Christian morality, promoting  individual freedom, providing  unlimited opportunity, unencumbered by the heavy hand of a central government, and” the American Republic created the most successful and most powerful economic engine in the history of mankind”

The American Republic has a generous and noble history, and every student should be made aware of America’s rich history to defuse the attempts by the left and the new Marxist Democratic Party to promote Socialism and Communism. 

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.  

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
Capt    USN(Ret)/Former FBI
Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC
2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184
San Diego, CA 92108

Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
-Isaiah 6:8
From: Col James  Harding, USAF (Ret)
Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2017 11:39 AM
To: Joseph R. John
Subject: The "Dark Government" of Obama is Threatening Americans

Check out this article by Gilbert Palmer.  All of us who took the oath to "defend the constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic" now have a real challenge to save our Republic.  The time to act is now.  We can no longer wait for someone else, including congress and the courts, to do it.  It is going to take a coordinated effort by a lot of patriots to overcome the inertia of a bloated, do nothing government to thwart this Communist, Muslim ex-president who is trying to destroy our constitutional republic.  I personally think we are up to the task, and I am proud to be a part of that movement.  I would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions.  Jim

Historic Change: This issue of the "Dark Government" of Obama is threatening Americans. By Gilbert Palmer

I do not understand how living in a country with its democracy established over 200 years ago, and now, for the first time in history, suddenly we have one of a former presidents set up a group called "Organizing For Action" (OFA).

OFA - 30,000 strong working to disrupt everything that our current president is trying to do. This goes against our Democracy, it is an operation that will destroy our way of governing. It goes against our Constitution, our laws, and the processes established over 200 years ago. If this is allowed to proceed then we will be living in chaos very much like third world countries are run. What good is it to have an established government if it is not going to be respected and allowed to follow our laws? If this does not scare you, then we are in worse trouble than you know.

It is explained below. Do your part: read it and at least pass this on so others will know what we are up against. We are losing our country and we are so compliant. We are becoming a "PERFECT TARGET" for our enemy! Article from the New York Post - If you had an army some 30,000 strong and a court system stacked over the decades with judges who would allow you to break the laws, how much damage could you do to a country? We are about to find out in America!

The ex-president said he was going to stay involved through community organizing and speak out on the issues and that appears to be one post-administration promise he intends to keep. He has moved many of his administration's top dogs over to an organization called Organizing for Action (OFA). OFA is behind the strategic and tactical implementation of the resistance we are seeing across America, and politically active courts are providing the leverage for this revolution.

OFA is dedicated to organizing communities for "progressive" change. Issues are gun control, socialist healthcare, abortion, sexual equality, climate change, and of course, immigration reform. OFA members were propped up by the ex-president's message from the shadows: "Organizing is the building block of everything great we've accomplished. Organizers around the country are fighting for change in their communities - and OFA is one of the groups on the front lines. Commit to this work in 2016 and beyond."

OFA's website says it obtained its "digital" assets from the ex-president's re-election effort and that he inspired the movement. In short, it's the shadow government organization aimed at resisting and tearing down the Constitutional Republic - AMERICA.

Paul Sperry, writing for the New York Post, says OFA will fight President Donald Trump at every turn of his presidency and the ex-president "will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House." Sperry writes that the ex-president is setting up a shadow government to sabotage the incoming administration through a network of non-profits led by OFA, which is growing its war chest (more than $40 million) and has some 250 offices nationwide. OFA IRS filings, according to Sperry, indicate OFA has 32,525 volunteers nationwide. The ex-president and his wife will oversee the operation from their home/ office near the White House.

Think about how this work - for example: Trump issues an immigration executive order; OFA signals for protests and statements from pro-immigrant groups; ACLU lawyers file lawsuits in jurisdictions where activist judges obstruct the laws; volunteers are called to protest at airports and Congressional town hall meetings; the leftist media springs to action; the twitter sphere lights up with social media; violence follows - all emanating from the ex-president's signal that he is heartened by the protests.

If Barack Obama did not do enough to destroy this country in the 8 years he was in office, it appears his future plans are to destroy the foundation on which this country has operated on for the last 241 years.

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U.S. Supreme Court: Travel Ban Acceptable, Pending Review

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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While there are no authorities granted for the federal court system to strike down executive orders in the first place, nor is it expressly granted by the U.S. Constitution for the federal courts to "interpret" the Constitution and therefore decide if something is constitutional or not, with a potential consequence attached of striking down laws or executive orders should the court decide to, judicial review is believed by the establishment, and most of America, to be a constitutional action, and so absolutely acceptable.  While the court has no enforcement authority, they have become enforcers through their words.  We hear phrases, as a result, like the recent one by the Associated Press: "The Supreme Court is letting the Trump administration mostly enforce its 90-day ban on travelers from six mostly Muslim countries, overturning lower court orders that blocked it."

"Letting"?  How can they "let" the Trump administration carry out its duty to execute the laws of the United States when they have no authority to enforce their "opinions" in the first place?

That all said, the Supreme Court's decision is being hailed as a victory for Donald Trump.  The U.S. Supreme Court basically said the "travel ban executive order" is fine, as long as it does not affect persons who already have a connection to the United States, but the ban is still subject to further review on October 2.

In response, the Trump administration has indicated the ban will go into force within 72 hours after the granting of it being okay by the courts, applying to six Muslim-majority countries, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Now, the Democrats will try to create chaos, or at least staged chaos, to make it look like it is a "mean" action.  Therefore, the Trump administration will need to be careful about how they apply the ban so that it is done smoothly, and is carried out in such a way that it anticipates the games the Democrats will play regarding it.

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153 Killed in Pakistan Trying to Steal Fuel from Overturned Tanker

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The media is portraying the explosion and deaths as a sign of poverty.  In my opinion, it is a sign of stupidity.  While I don't want to seem insensitive, and I am sad people died, I must ask who in their right mind runs towards a fuel spill accident to gather dripping fuel, well knowing that an explosion could be the result?

While the poverty, as the media is putting it, encouraged the Muslims in Pakistan to rush to an overturned tanker truck with their fuel containers in hand after a mosque's loudspeaker announced the wreck and that fuel was leaking from it, the circumstances are disturbing.  The willingness to follow the call for stealing the fuel as it leaked out, a massive number of villagers surrounded the wreck to collect the fuel, and then the tanker exploding almost sounds like something we would see in a movie.  When the tanker exploded, it engulfed the surrounding people in flames as they screamed in terror.  Their motorcycles and vehicles also were burned in blast.

One report states that the explosion resulted from ignition by one of the villager's cigarettes.

What happened almost sounds like a scene from Zoolander.

Sadly, the stupidity led to the death of 153 people, with dozens more in critical condition.

One villager said he ran toward the smoke with buckets of water and sand, but the heat was too intense for him to reach the victims.

"I could hear people screaming, but I couldn't get to them," he said.

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Puzzle of Steve Bannon

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Steve Bannon has been Trump's right-hand man, and ever since that elevation the former head of Breitbart has been under constant attack.  According to the liberal left Democrats, Bannon is a Nazi, a bigot, and an extreme right-wing crazy.

The reality is, he's a staunch conservative; therefore, the liberal left is completely out of their mind over the guy.  Their reaction tells me that Bannon's likely nothing like what they scream he is.

I have a saying when it comes to my dealings with the liberal left.  "If I am not pissing them off, I am doing something wrong."

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day.  John Sullivan is active in the conservative side of Hollywood, and has known Bannon for a long time.  He verbalized many praises regarding the guy.  Bannon is a true conservative, according to Sullivan.

Bannon's anything but a Nazi, bigot or extreme right-wing crazy.  He's as conservative as I am, and a believer in the free market as much as I am.  Yet, the liberal left has proven with their smear campaign that an old saying is true.  If you tell a lie often enough and long enough, it becomes the truth.

In my conversations with a number of folks, even those who are not liberal left nutcases, Bannon is a complete and total villain.

In a 2014 speech Bannon discussed the importance of capitalism and the need for our world to be perched upon a biblical foundation.  A free market, he claimed, prior to the madness of the World Wars, spread "benefits to most of mankind, almost all of those capitalists were strong believers in the Judeo-Christian West. They were either active participants in the Jewish faith, they were active participants in the Christians’ faith, and they took their beliefs, and the underpinnings of their beliefs was manifested in the work they did. And I think that’s incredibly important and something that would really become unmoored. I can see this on Wall Street today — I can see this with the securitization of everything is that, everything is looked at as a securitization opportunity. People are looked at as commodities. I don’t believe that our forefathers had that same belief."

Bannon has spent time criticizing crony capitalism, and corruption in politics, as well.

My conclusion?  He stands against everything the hard left Democrat establishment stands for, so he quickly became a target for destruction.  No evidence needed.  The left decided if they called him names enough, and long enough, he'd eventually be eliminated, and cease to be a danger to their Marxist agenda.

I was talking to a millennial a couple days ago, and he assured me that there was nothing to like about Bannon.  "He is in cahoots with dictators," the young man said.  "And, he's a white supremacist."


A parallel reality has been created by the Democrats, and people believe it.  Bannon is not who they make him out to be, but he is in the minds of those who believe the fantasy created by the Democrats in the hopes of undermining the Donald Trump presidency.  The snowflakes and the antifa believe it.  They believe that Trump, Bannon, and the rest of the Trump administration minions are white nationalists, bigots, racists, and Nazis. . . because the Democrats and their allies say so.

Has Bannon had some nasty affiliations with not-so-great characters?  Sure.  We all do, and often we don't realize at the time who or what we are associating with.  But, the tilt towards outright racism the left say he's taken is hardly true, and they know it.  But, to them, he's something worse than a Nazi, nationalist, white supremacist, bigot and racist.  The Democrats hate Bannon because he is something that they fear and loathe even more than any tyrant in history.  He's a Christian Conservative, and in their opinion, that is the greatest thing to fear because people like that might be able to upend their Marxist narrative.
Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party National agrees that the false narrative put out there by the liberal left about Bannon is a load of bull.  She wrote regarding him, "I’ve known Steve Bannon since the early days of the tea party movement, and I know what they are saying about him is not true.

The administrative monster that Washington has become is in danger of being dismantled, and Bannon is right there with Trump when it comes to the desire to take it all apart. “Susan Rice operationalized the NSC during the last administration,” Mr. Bannon said in one of his statements regarding the need to defang Washington. “I was put on to ensure that it was de-operationalized.”

A challenge to the political machine that we call The Establishment is high on the list of fears of the elitists who run it.

So, they call him a whole slew of names, including anti-Semite.

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro of the Washington Times asks that if Bannon is guilty of anti-Semitism and racism, how is it that Shapiro was able to work with Mr. Bannon for several months after his close friend Andrew Breitbart died?

Shapiro writes, "I believe I am in an unusual position to opine on Mr. Bannon’s feelings toward Jews and other minorities.  Mr. Bannon took over Breitbart News after Mr. Breitbart died of a heart attack in 2012, and helped transform the company atmosphere, direction and staff into something different than what many of the original journalists and editors were used to. Mr. Bannon had a very different personality than the joyful and optimistic Andrew Breitbart, who valiantly fought the far left with clever humor and amusing investigative antics.  Contrarily, Mr. Bannon had the personality of a tough, no-nonsense conservative hardliner who preferred highly educated journalists to bloggers, and professional corporatism to the creative, independent-minded atmosphere Mr. Breitbart affectionately fostered.  To many people who had spent years working for Mr. Breitbart, it was a shift, and created some controversy. Among the journalists who separated from the company, I was the first.  But this was not because of any conflict I had with Mr. Bannon.  On the contrary, Mr. Bannon made sure I left the company with dignity in a fashion that was equitable and fair, and often told me he appreciated my abilities as a journalist and a lawyer.  If Mr. Bannon were anti-Semitic, I cannot imagine he would have interacted with me in the complimentary and diplomatic fashion that he did, being a person of Jewish faith and heritage.  It also flies in the face of reason to suggest Mr. Bannon is anti-Semitic since many of the editors and lawyers working at Breitbart News were Jewish, including its founder, Andrew Breitbart."

In short, the idea that Steve Bannon is some kind of anti-American Nazi who has more in common with White Supremacists than mainstream American Society is a fabrication, a story concocted by the liberal left.  Little minds have fallen for the left's narrative about Bannon, as has big minds.  The liberal left has created the destructive narrative against Bannon because they fear him, because, like Donald J. Trump, Bannon poses as a great threat to their monstrosity that we have come to know as the establishment.  Or, as he said lately with a sentence that sent fiery chills down the backs of the political machine in Washington, the Trump "administration is in an unending battle for 'deconstruction of the administrative state.'"

To the liberal left, those are fighting words that must be silenced by any means, even if it means destroying Bannon with lies and fabrications that anyone who knows Bannon recognize to be obviously false.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary